Air. It's a wonderful thing.

And at Howorth, we should know.

Air wave pattern

For over 160 years, we've studied it. Inhaled and exhaled it.

Developed pioneering new ways to clean it, control it, climatise it and contain it. We understand what it does and how it flows. We know how it moves through operating theatres and clinical areas, pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical manufacturing equipment and environments.

Pioneers Since 1858
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Pure innovation that's


patient protection

GENANO delivers nanoscale air purification without filters.

Originally designed for hospitals and cleanrooms, this unique solution can now deliver ultra pure air for dental practices and clinics.

Genano's air purification units can capture and eliminate microbes, bacteria and viruses. Safeguarding the health and well-being of patients and staff.

Frequent air changes ensure that treatment rooms and waiting areas have a constant supply of ultra pure air.

Patients and staff can feel reassured about being in a space that has its air decontaminated from impurities after previous patients and procedures.

How it works


Contaminated air is led inside the unit.


Particles are charged negatively in a powerful corona discharge.

The negatively charged particles are attached to the positive collection chamber. Organic microbes are destroyed with electronical shocks.


Finally, the air is led to the active carbon collector which effectively removes VOC gases and odours.


Outcoming ultra pure air is completely free from particles of all sizes, microbes, and harmful gases and chemicals.


The units have an automatic washing function which reduce the need for maintenance and keep the cleaning efficiency high at all times.

Pure air systems for

safe air spaces

Stop airborne viruses from spreading.





3 mounting options - Surface Mount, Clamp Mount & Retrofit

Proactive, next-generation high touch surface disinfectant. As your ultimate guard against the spread of infectious pathogens, UV-CLEAN eliminates 99.9% of pathogens on high touch surfaces.

UV-CLEAN no-touch ultraviolet disinfection technology uses UV-C energy to inactivate microorganisms at the genetic level by disrupting the genome, whether that be RNA or DNA.

Ideal for frequently used surfaces such as keyboards and touch-screen monitors.


  • Automated and customisable cleaning cycle.
  • Motion activated for safe deployment of UV-C light.
  • 60 cm (24”) active cleaning area range.
  • Internal memory and built-in audit trail.
  • Flexible workspace configurations.
  • Sleek and stylish design, 15 cm (6”) length x 2.5 cm (1”) diameter.
  • Affordable, scalable investment
  • Independent low energy LED task light
  • Two-year warranty

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Air wave pattern